About Meliton Farm

Meliton Farm Ltd was founded in 2006 and it moved to its current owned new establishment in late 2011. It is located near the village of Sia, Nicosia at an altitude of around 340 meters above sea level. It breeds East Friesian and Local Chios sheep.

East Friesian sheep are one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world; they are a pure and true dairy sheep that originate from the German Dutch border. They are renowned for their fertility; it is not unusual to obtain 220% lambs from mature ewes and young ewe hoggets will easily lamb from 140 -160%. East Friesians are one of the world’s most productive milking breed, producing 500-600 litres in a 210 to 230 day lactation, the milk is rich and creamy and has twice the vitamin and protein content of cows or goats milk.

Meliton Farm products are raw milk for various dairy products, slaughtered meat with good quality and carcass composition traits, livestock for breeding of good quality after careful selection of rams and ewes, and, raw wool for the textile industry to be used for wool clothing, bedding products, high-quality yarns & knitting supplies.

The farm buildings are made out of wooden structures which were imported from a specialist French company that manufactures only wooden farm buildings,  where as the erection was done by a local construction company. The wood buildings are friendly to the environment and they offer better climatic conditions for the livestock.

The new and modern milking parlour machinery is the latest state of the art technology currently available today in this line of business.

Farm Address

Topothesia Strogyli,
2574 Sia,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Mailing Address

P.O.Box 55626, 3
781 Lemesos, Cyprus

Mob: 99636022
Fax: 25819789

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